Thursday, January 1, 2015

A Plus Events will be taking over the Mega Online Mall

A Plus Events

This is where you come to find out what A Plus Events is doing in the Walla Walla area! We have lots of plans in store so make sure you check back often. If you have an event and would like us to share it please send us an email at

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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Daisy Blue Naturals

Daisy Blue Naturals by Britni Carlson


Daisy Blue Naturals is a gluten-free skin care and spa company which is 100% natural for each member of the family.


Mineralicious by Andrea Prow

Welcome to Mineralicious! Makeup!

Chelle Barnett is the owner and mixologist behind Mineralicious! The company is actually a by-product of her own search for a makeup that would be good to my face and not make her skin conditions worse. She has suffered from rosacea and acne all of her life and traditional commercial cosmetics would really do a number on her face! While they are hardly life threatening conditions, the redness and breakouts were horrible for her self esteem. For years she tried every thing she could find to try to hide the redness. Commercial makeup formulations did little to mask the redness, and sometimes made it worse.

After researching mineral makeup and its ingredients, she decided to formulate her own after trying a few brands that made her face itch. As she began formulating with the ingredients found in most popular mineral makeup brands, she discovered that the itching was caused by bismuth oxychloride and decided then that none of her makeup would contain that. Cornstarch, talc, parabens and carmine are also ingredients you won’t find in her ingredients listing….not necessarily because those ingredients are bad, some of them didn’t give the ‘feel’ that she wanted.

After months of formulating and experimenting to see what ingredients worked together best, the Mineralicious! brand was born and went into the testing phase. After making it through her own facial testing, it was released to the tester team. The final result is now sold on the Mineralicious! Makeup website, which debuted on August 1st, 2008.

Even though the company is experiencing huge growth, you will find that all of our products are made in house and will continue to be...none of it is purchased wholesale and repackaged. I have extremely high standards of quality and I want to know exactly what is in every product we sell. Making it all herself gives another advantage as well...since she does make everything, she offers a Custom Color Match service for all of our customers & can blend up the perfect match to whatever color you need!

I invite you to give our products a try and see what makes Mineralicious! different!

Andrea Prow
Founding Consultant

Saturday, August 17, 2013


Kitcheneez™ by Joanna White Johnson
  • Kitcheneez™ is the direct sales division of Lisa Shively's Kitchen Helpers. It was founded by Lisa to help people who are looking for ways to add to their income and spread great products through parties and gatherings of friends.

    Our catalog is full of great and affordable Quick Meal Mixes, Seasonings and cookbooks to help busy families who want to be able to enjoy meals at home. All of our products are MSG free and we also offer gluten free, all natural, dairy free, meat free and other options.

    Our products are geared towards busy people who want to feed their families quickly and simply while serving a "real" meal at the same time.

    Hi! I'm Joanna Johnson. I am the Director of Leadership Development at Kitcheneez. At Kitcheneez, we are family. We work together to make our company stronger everyday. We are a ground floor opportunity that is inexpensive to start and because the products are so delicious and have a low cost price point of just ($4) per individual package, sales are very easy! People love our products! We'd love to have you on our ground floor team! So please email me at for no hassle/no commitment information and visit our website at to learn more about us. Always feel free to ask any questions. We are here to help you 150%. Your success is our success. Like me on Facebook

Sara Blaine Willow House

Sara Blaine Willow House By Maria Krueger

FB Page:

Sara Blaine is one of America’s top jewelry designers and the perfect business partner for women and men who choose to own a highly profitable business with a small investment. Until now, Sara’s designs were only found in the most exclusive boutiques and jewelry stores around the world.

Today, clients can purchase her amazing designs direct from our representatives at savings of up to 70% off retail. As a Sara Blaine Rep, you build and service as many client relationships as you choose each month, from a small part-time income to serious full-time career. It’s your choice. Big or small, you’ll cash in on the explosion of Designer jewelry. From small one-on-one client consultations to personal private showings of five or six potential customers, this is a business built on relationships.


Thirty-One by Doreen Grose

Thirty-One is one of the fastest growing direct-selling companies in the country and is the #1 direct-selling brand of exclusive, on-trend, stylish and practical handbags, fashion accessories, totes, and organizing solutions. As a Thirty-One Director, I would love to take care of your organizational and handbag needs. Please contact me to receive more information about our company, or to have a catalog sent to you!

Phone: 360-751-1229

Facebook Fan Page:
Doreen the Bag Lady